In Machinery & Plant Engineering

Our Expertise

We enthusiastically support the development of new products, markets and customers by your own.

Think strategically from the market

  • Estimate the reach of existing products based on customer proximity and demand
  • Develop new, future-oriented products and digital business models

Actively accompany transformation

  • Pick up innovative impulses and set up processes for new solutions
  • Align resources and processes to new products and business models

Work in global teams

  • Establish and cooperate a
    globally growing organization
  • Plan and monitor budgets and make decisions based on facts and figures

Develop technical competence

  • Identify special competencies for new products and business models
  • Process orders and projects reliably in terms of quality, time and cost

Project examples

Growth in Machinery & Plant Engineering

Development of new machines / systems for existing customers

Grow business with new products

  • Determine needs
  • Develop new technical solutions for special applications
  • Optimize energy consumption through heat recovery and intelligent use
  • Derive and sell standard solutions

Explore new customers / markets with existing products

Grow business with new customer

  • Trace industry solutions back to competencies
  • Develop new solutions for industry-specific applications with proprietary expertise
  • Use expertise and references
    from the industry of origin

Development of a natural gas / hydrogen furnace for climate-friendly melting of cast iron

Develop hidden solutions further

  • Research literature and study operational experience
  • Identify challenges
  • Improve overheating in the furnace and increase the proportion of steel scrap
  • Marketing concept

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