for Machinery & Plant Engineering

Our Expertise

We master projects and can optimize Sales and EPC processes for the construction of special equipment and industrial plants.

Work on the market efficiently

  • Maintain and expand the business network,select and win projects
  • Prepare offers with competence and calculate with transparency

Lead projects in an agile manner

  • Serve changing engineering needs with competence and flexibility
  • Control resource utilization through inhouse services and experienced workbenches

Optimize processes

  • Achieve excellence in technical and commercial processes
  • Train employees and motivate them with modern and efficient digital tools

Procure and produce

  • Build long-term supply chain at low-cost and high-quality
  • Integrate competently external components and services into projects

Project examples

Excellence in Machinery & Plant Engineering

Sales offensive for a medium-sized mechanical engineering company

Increase business volume

  • Determine market needs
  • Check, clean-up and/ or expand the product portfolio
  • Check sales network and renew
  • Operate project selection systematically

Optimize engineering, procurement and construction of plants and manage projects

Empower organization and raise potential

  • Clarify and document processes and organization
  • Introduce and maintain an open error culture
  • Coordinate needs and results between the specialist disciplines
  • Control utilization of resources and work with external partners

Develop procurement and pre-assembly strategy for projects and long-term needs

Shape the value chain

  • Define make or buy strategy
  • Ensure key competencies
  • Consider relevant project effects in a total procurement cost view
  • Assess availability and dependency
  • Build competition

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