In the Foundry & Steel Industry

Our Expertise

We support with enthusiasm to break new ground and to find the right set-up

Develop the casting portfolio further

  • Estimate the range of products based on customer proximity and demand
  • Develop new products with special requirements

Transform/ redesign production plants

  • Adapt systems and equipment to innovative new products
  • Prepare required permits and investments

Meet environmental requirements

  • Transformation to climate-neutral melting
  • Increase molding material circulation by separating and regenerating

Empower organization

  • Implement agile project management
  • Manage projects comprehensively up to operational takeover

Project examples

Growth in Foundry/ Steel industry

Change melting shops to climate-neutral operation and control the costs

Master transformation costs and sustainably reduce CO2 emissions

  • Audit smelting plant
  • Present and evaluate alternative ways of reducing CO2 emissions
  • Process optimization, bio coke, waste heat utilization
  • Conversion to natural gas or hydrogen
  • Switch to induction
  • Capture CO2 and export it for conversion

Resource-saving production of complex centrifugal cast parts in the core package

Growth by innovation

  • Pour brake calipers efficiently in core clusters and assure a directed solidification
  • Pour into a mono sand system without producing return material
  • Manufacture raw castings with high dimensional accuracy

Double digit increase in production in an automotive foundry

Increase in production in the existing infrastructure

  • Reduce molding box volume
  • Speed-up and increase the number of cycles
  • Modernize, reduce downtime and increase OEE

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