In the Foundry & Steel Industry

Our Expertise

We master the art of optimizing machines and systems for special processes and functions

Master processes

  • Keep the spread in the green area and eliminate unplanned outliers
  • Keep processes stable with all product changes

Increase efficiency

  • Introduce higher-level process control parameters
  • Eliminate drivers of high costs in operation and maintenance

Digitalize processes

  • Communicate vertically & horizontally and evaluate processes statistically
  • Track progress and quality and report results online

Upgrade and modernize plants

  • Adapt capacity to production and make equipment fit for the future
  • Integrate new requirements for environmental protection and occupational safety

Project examples

Excellence in Foundry/ Steel Industry

Process audit of a steel foundry for a strategic investor

Reduce rework and increase efficiency

  • Audit of all areas of smelting | Forms | Casting | Heat treatment and machining
  • Root cause analysis
  • Suggest solutions

Increase OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness by ladle automation

Eliminate the bottleneck between melting and strand casting and increase production

  • Automated ladle transport with weighing of the amount of molten iron
  • Temperature and Analysis Tracking Charge Make-Up > Spectrometer > Treatment
  • Consideration of deslagging, residual iron recycling and ladle changes

Smart foundry automation as a holistic approach to process excellence

Improvement of transparency and key figures

  • Forward planning of production and maintenance
  • Methods and systems combine TPM, Kaizen, Lean, OEE, MES, 6σ etc.
  • Synchronize data and make it available offline for analyzes and reports

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